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SHARE! Magazin April

Das neue SHARE! Magazin April ist da!

Das neue SHARE! Magazin für April ist da!

Das Neuste um eZ Publish dem Enterprise Open Source Content Management System und dem Hersteller eZ Systems aus Norwegen.

Folgende Themen sind in der neusten Ausgabe:

- New eZ Publish 4.1 brings ease-of-use to powerful Enterprise scale websites with full support and guarantees.
- eZ Conference Global Sponsor interview.
- Reality-check checklist for CMS vendors.
- More articles on eZ Publish.
- eZ Systems scales up product development investments and names Roland Benedetti VP of Product Management.
- 3 awards, 2 political parties, 1 CMS vendor.
- eZ Systems went profitable in 2008.
- Site of the month.

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